GERNEP – tailor-made labelling machines for beverages, foodstuffs, pharmaceuticals, chemical and cosmetics

GERNEP – tailor-made labelling machines for beverages, foodstuffs, pharmaceuticals, chemical and With over 30 years specialised experience in the development and construction of customised labelling machinery, the name GERNEP is synonymous with reliability, functionality and flexibility. The labelling diversity for all kinds of glass, plastic or metal containers and a wide variety of contour containers is very convincing.

We offer tailored customer solutions
Our labelling machinery conforms to the 'made in Germany' traditional engineering excellence. In our factory at Barbing in Bavaria, we develop and manufacture our machines for the global market. By virtue of our flexibly designed machines – from the basic construction of our series of machines to the specialised drives and possibilities of using different kinds of gluing alone or in combination –
GERNEP labelling machines are the flexible answer to the ever more demanding
forms of labelling and their efficient realisation in all performance classes.

Our gluing systems

Cold glue labelling
For traditional cold glue labelling from the magazine, we employ our proven oil-bath-lubricated, high performance labelling unit with a stainless steel glue roller and rubberised, changeable glue pallets. An innovative pallet adjustment system ensures an optimal glue pattern. The glue-saving fine adjustment of the glue thickness ensures trouble-free continuous operation and perfect label positioning.

Hot melt wrap around labelling from the magazine
Glue is applied economically as spots by the GERNEP HotSpot nozzle system directly on the container that takes the label from the magazine. The end-gluing occurs on the label. Different label heights are compensated for by activating and deactivating individual nozzles.

Hot melt labelling from the reel 
The labels are cut from the reel on a vacuum cutting drum and passed to a transfer drum. Here the glue is applied economically as spots to the start and end of the label by the GERNEP HotSpot gluing system.

Self-adhesive labelling

The intelligent loop, guide and tension roller system ensures accurate tracking of the label carrier up until precise transfer to the container. End-of-tape warning or reel change carriage ensure continuous uninterrupted operation.





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