A Perfect Mix

of Precision and Inspiration

No matter what adventure you go on - the Jägermeister COOLPACK provides an ice-cold taste experience. Produced in a town in Lower Saxony and sold in over 140 countries, the world-famous premium herb liqueur has been one of the world's most successful liqueurs for over 80 years. The recipe is a well-kept secret, and one only knows that it consists of 56 different herbs, flowers, and roots.

The deer-head branded liquor secured 9th place on the Impact International ranking of the top 100 liquors. With a total sale of 97 million 0,7l bottles, it is the best-selling premium liqueur in the world.

The Jägermeister COOLPACK is characterized by its distinctive bottle shape that not only resembles a thermal pack but actually can be used as one! The new design innovation is stackable, compact, and portable, ideal for hot summer nights when you are on the go. The unique and innovative shape and labeling definitely make this product an eye-catcher.

The Jägermeister COOLPACK's PETG bottles are available in 0,35l, and 0,375l bottles showcasing three different self-adhesive labels. The GERNEP Soluta 5-640 3SK ensures precise positioning and application of all three labels: the circular deer head label, the orange Jägermeister sleeve, as well as the bottom label. Because the liquor producer had previously entrusted Gernep with the successful labeling applications for Schlehenfeuer, one of the world's most successful digestifs, they knew that they could rely on the proven technology for its COOLPACKs. The GERNEP team is always up for a challenge, and in this case, the long Jägermeister sleeve delivered just that. A big machine pitch was needed to precisely position the wrap-around label, and this was achieved with a special infeed screw.

The Bavarian manufacturer rose to the challenge by designing a solid and user-friendly machine concept that GERNEP service technicians set up for initial operations, and it has been nothing but smooth-running since then.