Tailor-Made Labelling Machines – Made in Germany

Your branding and label quality is your product's flagship and often influences the customer's purchasing decision. With over 35 years of experience in developing and manufacturing labellers, GERNEP is a competent partner for high-quality equipment. Our labelling range includes glass, metal, and plastic materials and different containers standard in the beverage, food, consumer healthcare, and nonfood industry. 

Newly Defined Precision and Variability

We continuously develop our machines for you. Our new machine generation offers state-of-the-art technology and a visually appealing design.

  • High-quality and long-lasting labelling machines
  • Individual construction adjusted to customer needs
  • Optimal after-sales service

Flexible Labelling Option

Our labellers can operate one gluing system or be variably equipped to employ different gluing systems. 

  1. Cold glue labelling station
  2. Reel-fed hotmelt labelling station
  3. Rollina hotmelt labelling station from the magazine
  4. Self-adhesive labelling dispenser

A New Benchmark of Labellers

Discover numerous features and special equipment of our new labeller generation.

  • PreModular
    Premodular unit suspension with a newly conceived hygienic design
  • FlexHMI
    Swiveling control panel with a modern design and new features
  • SecureLift
    All-round lifting protection redesigned for maximum safety and optimal operation
  • SlimDesign
    Streamline machine design for worldwide transportation and easy integration
  • BottleView*
    New camera-based alignment for the highest requirements and newly developed camera system for label inspection for a simple system integration of third-party camera systems
  • InterFace*
    Labeller integration into existing production line monitoring systems
  • ServoMotion* 
    Servo-based drive of principal components (main drive, labelling units, screws, bottle plates)