Our additional equipment – can be set up in a modular and flexible way for all equipment and control requirements

Because of our modular machine construction kit system we are in a position to take optional additional equipment into consideration at the planning stage if required.
Subsequent upgrades and conversions can be implemented quickly and rationally in this way.

Bottle plate control system

Depending on the machine model and the requirement, the bottle plates are controlled either mechanically via cam segments, an efficient belt drive or computer-controlled servo motors.
This means that many different containers can be turned in accordance with specifications for any labelling requirement and the label applied perfectly.

container orientation

Camera-based container orientation

For orienting bottles and other containers to: glass seams, reliefs, clip-locks and orientation marks.

Clamping star

In the event of frequent set-up changes with bottles with small diameter differences, we can equip our machines with clamping stars in the inlet and discharge if required. Clamping stars are also used with targeted cup fixing for applicating sealing, clip-lock and tax labels as well as with camera-based or photo-electronic orientation.

Non-stop function

Non-stop function with self-adhesive labelling

Non-stop function with 2 dispensers per label, free-standing loop pre-winder or free-standing automatic splicer for uninterrupted continuous operation.

Camera-based label monitoring

Camera-based label monitoring

For monitoring the presence and fixation of labels we supply individual inspection solutions and completing with ejection systems such as bad part pushers or segment removal.

Mechanical alignment of clip-lock bottles

For the precise orientation and labelling of clip-lock bottles, our machines can be equipped with an orientation star at the bottle inlet in the factory or retrofitted with one in the field. The label is gently brushed on in the machine and at a separate pressing station at the discharge star.

Mechanical container orientation

Mechanical Container Orientation

Individually adapted solutions for containers with a bottom or side notch are available for mechanical container orientation. Containers with handles or dosing heads can also be reliably oriented.

Photo-electronic container aligner

Our photo-electronic container orientation with surrounding sensors is the economical solution for aligning to distinctive features such as sparkling wine cap marks.

Metal foil application

The GERNEP metal foil application system consisting of a magazine and palette set and a separate brushing station is designed for under top and over top foiling on the neck of the bottle. Positioning takes place exactly in line with the front label. The label is pressed on in a gentle and visually perfect way in the closure and neck area in the brushing station.

Sealing strip and cap labelling

Sealing and cap labels with and without a sealing tab are applied to any kind of container by a separate labelling aggregate that meets the respective requirements. Gluing takes place using wet glue or a self-adhesive labels.

Tax strip labelling

In order to process tax strip labels on bottles of wine and spirits, we supply a special aggregate for wet glue labelling that is integrated in the machine. Like all of our additional equipment, this labelling facility is available from the factory immediately or can be prepared for retrofitting.


We can apply control and test data such as code numbers, batch and content information as well as date and other information to almost any area of the label or bottle with our date marking unit.
Depending on the requirement, we use inkjet printers, laser printers, or simple stamps.
All systems permit the use of various fonts and colours.


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