Non-Stop Labelling

Sonett was one of the first producers of ecological detergents and cleaners – setting standards in the industry for over 40 years. Today, the company ranks first place in the German organic products sector. So, efficient labelling is essential.

Starting in the early 1990s, the company recorded continuous growth,  turnover, and exponential growth. The company's product portfolio expanded to distribute body care and disinfection products permanently. From raw material acquisition to interconnectedness, Sonett focuses on sustainability and eco-responsibility with resolve.

Dynamical Adjustment of Labelling Ability

Sonnet products are distributed internationally and are present in 43 different countries and 15 different languages. To handle the number of adapted labelling necessary, Sonett had to update its machinery.
The flexibility to apply self-adhesive labels on a variety of PET container shapes was one of the requirements brought up. Additionally, Sonett sought a single machine to process the different types and sizes of containers in their production. The answer was the Soluta 8-784 2SK SD, a modern, flexible rotary labelling machine from GERNEP.

Sonett bottles hand soaps, cleaners, and liquid detergents in container formats ranging from 120 to 2,000 ml. Similarly shaped, the labeling for all of their product lines is rectangular and bears the rounded signature Sonett logo. The only slight difference in labels is the detergents, which have a slight dip to take the handle into account. The size of product labels varies, but they generally remain within similar specifications, with a length of 15 to 24 cm and a height of 6 to 16 cm. The Soluta can process up to 4,000 containers per hour.

Sonnet had been deliberating on adding a labeller aggregate for the application of lateral seals, and inquired about a solution. Reputed for its capacity to design customizable and versatile machinery, the GERNEP team could plan for future integration of the component.

The Soluta also provides foil labelling options; thanks to its deionization unit, it can neutralize the electrostatic charge of the label material and prevent an uncontrolled adhesion to the plastic containers. Additionally, the installation of a label control camera validates the exact positioning of the applied label. Employees can confirm the perfect fit with a handheld barcode scanner when applying new label rolls.

Water Conservation Goals

Since its founding, the company has focussed on water conservation and has focused on selecting environmentally safe ingredients for its products. Dosing detergents, softeners, and bleaches separately make for the compounds' best use and is how Sonnet's modular washing system began. Abstaining from using any petroleum-based elements, aiming to use completely biodegradable ingredients, having the resolve to reject genetic engineering and enzymes, and opt for essential oils from organic farming are the ecological criteria for their sustainable washing and cleaning. Sonett's basic philosophy includes water conservation as an ideal and places much importance on the natural movement of water. "We were thrilled that GERNEP could deliver a labelling machine that guaranteed a precise labelling result, but also admired how it resembled the flowing migration of water in our filling lines," emphasizes Sonett's managing director Gerhard Heid. A second dispenser aggregate is triggered if a labelling roll runs out, creating a  non-stop flow without interrupting the labelling process.

GERNEP’s Service Makes the Difference

GERNEP's range of service entirely corresponded with Sonett's expectations and stood out during competitor analysis. "From our first contact through to machine configuration, factory acceptance tests, and retrofitting to the initial machien operation, a team of competent specialists were always by our side," says Gerhard Heid, managing director of Sonett.

Careful training of the production line operators ensured that GERNEP could perfectly implement all of its customer's wishes and could even solve unexpected discrepancies quickly and easily. Service and GERNEP’s high-quality machines and labelling solutions were decisive factors for the procurement team at Sonnet, and ultimately, Gerhard Heid gladly recommends GERNEP as a reliable partner.