Maximum flexibility in product labelling

Gernep presents new pre-modular combined machines

For 40 years, Gernep has been supporting producers from the beverage, food, consumer healthcare and non-food industries with customized labellers for high-quality product decoration. Its range of services comprises self-adhesive, wet-glue and hotmelt labelling from the label reel or label magazine, to ensure that each individual product can have the right label.

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Perfectly labelled with pure, unadulterated flavour

Ukrainian market leader in tomato sauces invests in a fifth Gernep labeller

150 kilometres from the Ukrainian city of Lviv rests the ancient town of…

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German-Canadian cooperation

New labeling machine at Dimachem

Dimachem Inc. is a Windsor-based chemical blending and packaging manufacturer founded in 1972 producing industrial…

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A perfect product created with passion

Ankerkraut puts its trust in Gernep labellers

In 2013, company founders Anne and Stefan Lemke from Hamburg took a leap of faith and designed their…

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For a perfect taste and visual appearance

Modern label application with Gernep labellers

Quality as a way of life – the company “Zum Dorfkrug” from Neu Wulmstorf works according to this…

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Two companies with a common goal

Perfect packaging for an eye-catching appearance

Two companies, one goal: to support the sales success of their customers' end product with perfect…

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User-friendly product development

New linear labeller developed in customer collaboration

Age-related machine failures are a nuisance for any company, as procurement requires a lot of…

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