Uncompromised labelling

A new generation of wet-glue labellers takes over the brewing industry

Delicately spiced, aromatic, full-bodied and with an elegant finish - this flavour experience is savoured by beer fans of Privatbrauerei Eibau’s Schwarzbier (black beer). Established in the year 1810, it was the first rural brewery in the Zittau region of Saxony and gained recognition throughout Germany primarily thanks to its “big black” - Eibauer Schwarzbier.

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Insight into the world of labellers

Dive into the fascinating world of labellers with Martin Hammerschmid, CEO of Gernep Etikettiertechnik. In this interview you will find out more about…

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New Generation of Brewery Labellers

Gernep supplies the “first of its kind” to Brauerei Faust

The first ever beer was brewed at Brauerei zu Miltenberg over 350 years ago. When the…

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More flexibility in wine-bottle labelling

New generation of labellers impresses winegrowers’ cooperative

Rhineland-Palatinate in Germany has an affiliation with wine production, one that…

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Perfectly labelled with pure, unadulterated flavour

Ukrainian market leader in tomato sauces invests in a fifth Gernep labeller

150 kilometres from the Ukrainian city of Lviv rests the ancient town of…

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German-Canadian cooperation

New labeling machine at Dimachem

Dimachem Inc. is a Windsor-based chemical blending and packaging manufacturer founded in 1972 producing industrial…

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Maximum flexibility in product labelling

Gernep presents new pre-modular combined machines

For 40 years, Gernep has been supporting producers from the beverage, food, consumer healthcare and…

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