GERNEP Linear Labelling Machines – Made in Germany

Your branding and label quality is your product's flagship and influences consumer purchasing decisions. With over 35 years of experience in developing and manufacturing labellers, GERNEP is a competent partner for high-quality equipment. Our self-adhesive linear labelling machine operates various container standards in a variety of materials including glass, plastics, and metals.

The Ideal Starter Model for Small Capacities

Our compact self-adhesive linear labeller is the perfect alternative to extensive rotary labelling machines due to their easy integration to existing production lines.

  • Performance range up to 3,500 containers/ hour
  • Integration of 1 – 2 self-adhesive labelling dispensers
  • Processing of front, back and wrap-around labels

Compact but still Variable

Despite its compact size, our self-adhesive linear labeller shines with many variation options and is easy and intuitive to operate.

  • Collection table for manual removal of containers
  • Grade storage directly in the dispenser for individual formats
  • Easy operation of the labelling aggregate via HMI display directly on the dispenser or optionally via smartphone
  • Label application via a driven sponge roller belt or triangular prism
  • Processing different container sizes with just one format part set
  • Variably adjustable for containers with a 30 mm to 120 mm diameter
  • Machine design on rollers for flexible hall placement
  • Different machine lengths possible (2000 mm to 5000 mm)
  • Different dispenser heights available: 124 mm | 186 mm | 248 mm
  • Label reel outer diameters: 300 mm | 400 mm
  • Optional integration of dating systems

Easy Operation with Precise Labelling Results

GERNEP linear labelling machines are equipped with the latest technology and up-to-date self-adhesive label dispensers, ensuring accurate label applications.

  • Separation of the containers via an automatically switching container barrier
  • Detection of the product via a light barrier and simultaneous triggering of the dispensing process
  • Automatic machine stop in case of backlog or full collection table