Employee based Success

Since 1985 our team continually grew to a total of nearly 100 employees. We have attained new heights thanks to our team's know-how and commitment. Providing the best for our customers is our driving force and why we commit to giving our best every single day. 

We are Reliable

"What's most important to me personally? That all employees are independent, responsible, and stand by their work.

In a company like GERNEP, where everyone knows each other, and regardless of their position, they demonstrate cooperation and trust, which are essential to meeting deadlines. As a project manager, I value my colleagues' perseverance when faced with challenging tasks."

Stefan Kramer
Project Management

Janina Fröschl

We are Team Players

"Our team's open-mindedness and willingness to share information and knowledge is very special at GERNEP.

The unbureaucratic atmosphere significantly leverages collaboration. Regardless of hierarchy, everyone is equal and values openness and clear communication.”

We are Quality-Conscious

“Quality-consciousness is not only important in engineering but also for smooth cooperation and service.

As a Lifecycle Service employee, I ensure that our labelling machines deliver flawless labelling results for years to come. After delivering our machines, it is our job to maintain contact with the customer, to extend the machine's service life as much as possible through regular inspections and maintenance work, and to provide rapid remedial action in the event of production stoppages. Our workmanship is reflected in customer satisfaction - I am proud of that.”

Stefan Kraus

Thomas Wieg
Sales Manager

We are Passionate

"At GERNEP we have an exemplary range of employee age, experience, and origin.

Each of us is committed to our work and is passionate about making the best out of every situation. For me, all employees must act responsibly, demonstrate open-mindedness to new ideas, and contribute to outstanding solutions. Errors may happen, and one should own up to them and openly discuss them because they are fundamental to personal development.”