Individual GERNEP Labelling Machine for Granny’s Secret

Vitality that You can Taste

At the foot of the mountain Kopaonik, a mountain in southern Serbia, there is a small village located called Igroš, where a secret is kept. The secret of the original Ajvar  - a spicy vegetable mousse made from the best peppers in the Kopaonik region. In the midst of nature, surrounded by geysers and waterfalls, medieval castles and monasteries and vast fields, juices and jams of the highest quality, free of artificial ingredients and rich in nutrients due to traditional recipes, are produced.

These family recipes are preserved and carefully developed by Granny's Secret. They are a compilation of several generations; each added their own notes and instructions. Thus, they still honor these traditions today by continuing to give life to the recipes, refining them over and over again and adding valuable ingredients. Much has changed over the years, but the base - the secrets of the grandmothers - always remains constant.

Best Quality is the Alpha and Omega

The products of Granny's Secret have been awarded several times with international culinary awards due to their excellent quality. These include the Great Taste Awards from 2013 to 2017, Worlds Best Innovative Juice, World Star for Packaging and the World's Original Marmalade Award. One reason why gourmet connoisseurs appreciate the products worldwide. Some of the best department stores, hotels and restaurants in the world - the Peninsula, the Ritz in Paris, the Benkirai in Saint-Tropez, the Galeries Lafayettes, El Corte Inglés, Julius Meinl and the Grande Epicerie de Paris - have discovered her for her signature cuisine. And delicacies are also available in many delicatessens all over the world.

If one looks at the containers of Granny's Secret, one is reminded directly of canned glasses of the grandparents. The label shape and font immediately reflect a cozy home feeling. As the manufacturer moves in the premium sector, this also places great value on the look of its products. The precise and accurate position of the labels is a very high priority for Granny's Secret, which is why the choice of labeling machine was made by the GERNEP brand. Gourmet containers must be uniform and labeled to the nearest millimeter.

GERNEP attaches great Importance to Precision

GERNEP focuses on precision in all areas. "The German engineering company GERNEP offered us the most accurate self-adhesive labeling in comparison to all other suppliers. Since we produce and export premium products, accuracy is very important to us", explains Head of Production Mr. Nenad Kostic. With the GERNEP Soluta, all-round self-adhesive labels are affixed to both the square glass containers and the bottles. The manufacturer labels 30ml, 200 ml, 212ml, 314ml, 580ml and 700ml containers with it. Some containers have very narrow and long labels, up to 300mm. But that's no problem for the labeling machine from GERNEP. The long labels overlap very precisely, even down to the millimeter. To ensure that the square containers are repeatedly labeled at one and the same position, these glasses are mechanically aligned with a bottom cam.

Fast Format Change is a big Advantage

In addition to the correct declaration, a quick format change is very important for the employees of Granny's Secret. Since many differently sized containers are labeled, the format parts must also be changed accordingly frequently. It is important for Mr. Kostic to reduce waste of time and emphasizes the quick and uncomplicated format change of the GERNEP machine as a big advantage. "For future projects, I would definitely choose to work with GERNEP again" concludes Mr Kostic with satisfaction.

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