Real Eye-catcher in the Supermarket –

Remia labels with GERNEP

Founded in the Netherlands in 1925, Remia is a leading manufacturer in the international food industry of margarine, mayonnaise, tomato ketchup, salad dressings and sauces, and produces both for retail and in large containers for the catering industry.

A special taste adventure brought Remia with its real American BBQ sauces on the market. Each 450ml PET bottle is equipped with self-adhesive labels in conspicuous designs and is a real eye-catcher on the supermarket shelves. Remia focuses specifically on "real men" with a taste for fine pieces of grilled meat. The bottles carry names like Black Jack (Smokey Grill), Big Chief (Grill & Steak) and Wild Bill (American Garlic). The labels should sit very precisely on the bottles to underline the high quality of the products. Hilko van der Linde, project manager at Remia, therefore chose the Bavarian manufacturer GERNEP for labeling.

The rotary labeling machine Soluta, distributed by the Dutch trading partner De Koningh Coding & Labeling for GERNEP, is the ideal labeling solution for the requirements that Remia places on its products. Since its first installation in 2015, two more labelers have been added to the factory in Den Dolder, and a fourth machine was recently commissioned by GERNEP, another Soluta with three self-adhesive labeling dispensers for six different plastic bottle formats.

The Soluta 12-784 3SK SD was followed by a Soluta 10-640 2SK SD and a Soluta 12-784 2SK SD, all three equipped with bottle-top servomotors and a nonstop function for changing label rolls without downtime in current production. The three rotary machines label glass and plastic bottles in the range of 125ml to 1000ml, including the "Stars" - said BBQ sauces, with body, back and neck ring label. The performance of each machine is up to 15,000 bottles per hour.

Hilko van der Linde quickly saw the advantages of self-adhesive labels: "The label should emphasize the" hard Western look "of the bottles. With the GERNEP Soluta, which uses the latest servo technology, we can accurately and flexibly position the labels on the bottles. Also neck ring labels are labeled very fast and above all, absolutely precise. "It does not matter which of the genuine American BBQ sauces consumers buy at the supermarket: the positioning of the labels is exactly the same everywhere," adds van der Linde. Of course, the special advantages of the self-adhesive technology compared to the conventional wet glue technology, which we have used for years, are no glue residues on the bottle, no cleaning times on the machine and format parts, small format part circumference and thus very short changeover times with format change. "The non-stop function on the self-adhesive dispensers also have great advantages here what concerns downtime. "Previously, the machine was changing labels, now we save a lot of time by the tandem function on the label dispensers. When "label roll empty" is signaled at one dispenser, it stops and the second dispenser starts fully automatically, with no downtime in production.

GERNEP was and is always welcome

Of course, Remia did not want to risk taking the decision to buy a new labeller. Van der Linde recalls: "We invited three applicants at the time, and we visited the suppliers and also regional references to see the running machines, and our employees were quickly convinced by GERNEP Soluta." In addition, there is a minimum of maintenance and cleaning, which makes the rotary labeller very productive and efficient.

Sustainable Cooperation

De Koningh Coding & Labeling and GERNEP have been working closely together for years. Remia is a longtime customer of both partners. All sauces, margarines and fats produced by Remia must of course be labeled. "I know the two companies are very professional and employ people with very good technical knowledge, and if there is something, they are on the spot. The GERNEP Soluta project went as planned from delivery to installation labeling machine started from the first day - and now we are already labeling on all three Solutas without any problems ", says Hilko van der Linde satisfied.

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