Maximum flexibility in product labelling

Gernep presents new pre-modular combined machines

For 40 years, Gernep has been supporting producers from the beverage, food, consumer healthcare and non-food industries with customized labellers for high-quality product decoration. Its range of services comprises self-adhesive, wet-glue and hotmelt labelling from the label reel or label magazine, to ensure that each individual product can have the right label.

The Bavarian labelling machine manufacturer is setting new standards in 2022: to achieve maximum flexibility in product labelling, Gernep has developed a new generation of pre-modular combined machines. GERNEP’s combined machines are unique in their ability to integrate a variety of gluing systems on just one machine. Depending on the customer’s requirements, they can be operated either mechanically or with servo motors. With the option of integrating special additional equipment, such as seal labellers, control technologies and visual or mechanical equipment, each machine can be individually adjusted to meet customer demands.

One highlight of the new machine generation is the flexible labelling station suspension system which can be used to easily combine different labelling station types. They are also intuitive to use thanks to an improved swivel-mounted operator panel (HMI) including new features. To ensure that the latest safety requirements can also be met, the labelling machines are equipped with a newly designed lift guard. Gernep’s pre-modular combined machines are rounded off with a visually appealing, sleek design which is distinguished by its excellent accessibility, thus also making machine maintenance and cleaning child’s play.

More than Labelling

Gernep is driven by a desire to continue developing its products in line with changing market conditions and customer demands. Even its conventional rotary labelling machines – equipped with just one type of glue – are state of the art and can be individually adjusted to deliver precisely what the customer needs. The use of high-quality materials make Gernep labelling machines particularly durable. In line with their motto “More than Labelling”, this Bavarian engineering company has invested a great deal in the further development of its company and machinery over the last few years, with an aim to providing its customers with the best possible assistance in their product presentation.

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