Common Cause: GERNEP and Weleda

 Stand for the Highest Quality Standards

Weleda is a pioneer and a worldwide leading manufacturer of certified natural cosmetics and anthroposophical pharmaceuticals. About 81% of raw materials used in the end products stem from organic and bio-dynamical cultivation and controlled collections of wild plants. Merchandise is composed of all-natural substances, free of perfumes and preservatives. Offering the highest quality goods is a prerequisite of customer trust and a common objective for both Weleda and GERNEP.

In 2010, Weleda wanted to replace its existing labelling machine. When doing due diligence and comparing offers, Weleda was quickly convinced by GERNEP'S high-quality equipment options, flexibility, and state-of-the-art technology.

History was made, and since 2011 Weleda labels exclusively with GERNEP labelling machines. The first delivery was a Labetta 10 640 2SK SD mainly used for plastic containers. In 2015 a Soluta 10 640 2SK followed for their different glass containers. 

Upon entering Weleda headquarters in Arlesheim / Switzerland, a discernable fresh and pleasant aroma brings to mind summer meadows on high mountains, blooming Majorcan almond trees, or exotic pomegranates. Given that they process about 1,000 natural and sustainably produced raw materials for roughly 120 natural cosmetics and more than 1,000 pharmaceutical products, one would expect as much.

The GERNEP Soluta 10 640 2SK SD labels eight different glass containers in several sizes and shapes ranging from 50ml to 100ml with wrap-around labels and 200ml bottles with front and back labels. All of which have varying labelling requirements, such as laser printing of the date on the front labels. A photoelectronic sensor ensures that the dates are present and accurate; otherwise, an impulse-controlled mechanism will push the bottle off the line.

GERNEP’s State-of-the-Art Technology

"The Soluta is an absolutely reliable labelling machine that complies with a high technical standard and fulfills the required "qualification norm" for products that contain alcohol. This is particularly important for our pharmaceuticals as the processing must be compliant with rules and conditions applied to the chemical-pharmaceutical industry," says Marcel Buser, technical director of Weleda.

The GERNEP Soluta labels up to 4,800 containers per hour, depending on the fill volume and the packaging. A significant advantage of Soluta has ensured flexibility thanks to its aggregates. Weleda chose a Herma aggregate with a dispensing edge and bayonet catch so that changeovers are performed speedily. Keeping the changeover time for containers and label type to a strict minimum and offering labelling precision and quick conversion of format parts was another convincing characteristic for this aggreagte. Even after years in operation, it still works like a charm.

Perfect Training of Operators

For GERNEP, delivering high-quality "Made in Germany" labelling machines, support and service is essential. On-site operator training is provided and plays a decisive part in minimizing downtimes. After installation and training, GERNEP technicians continue to provide support - even on short notice. 

Weleda's Technical Director was so satisfied that he stated: "Anyone looking for a reliable and high-quality labelling machine in this performance range and a good price-performance ratio has the right partner in GERNEP."